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Polskiego Towarzystwa Studiów Żydowskich

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  • A. Trzciński, Druja
  • A. Trzciński, Niebylec
  • A. Trzciński, Sieniawa


In 1995 a group of scholars from various Polish universities and institutions made a decision to establish the Polish Association for Jewish Studies, which would have as its main goal the consolidation and integration of scholars and institutions involved in Jewish Studies in Poland. In February 1996 the Polish Association for Jewish Studies (PAJS) was registered in Cracow. Statutory aims of PAJS are the promotion and popularization of scholarly research on Jewish history and culture, with particular attention to the history of the Jews in Poland, and the development of cooperation with Polish and foreign institutions and associations.

The Association organizes conferences, lectures, seminars and supports educational programs. On a regular basis, the Association organizes a conference to present a review of the state of Jewish Studies in Poland. The Association publishes its half-yearly periodical "Studia Judaica" and other publications.

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